Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Painting with Light

Photography for me is more than just capturing an image. To me photography is about responding to emotions, passions, light, atmospheric conditions, a desire to create images that are in essence, Works of Art.  I want to capture and present to the world the beauty that I see in this amazing world we live in.

Of course every photograph we take will not be a "Work of Art". But the more I shoot these days, the more I see artistic images presenting themselves to me to capture. The Mockingbird in Audubon Light below is a prime example. The instant I saw this bird surrounded by the soft brown-amber leaves and dusty blue sky background, I immediately felt like I was seeing an Audubon painting in real life. Fortunately I was able to capture that same mood and artistic sense in this image.

I am not sure why I see more images in "Artistic Light" these days, but I think it comes down to the very simple principle of being open. Not just visually, but emotionally. Giving yourself the freedom of an open mind to see and feel the beauty that surrounds us, and can be found virtually anywhere.

I see and feel beauty everywhere. Because of that, I see things that most people never see, things that we walk by everyday, and essentially never see, or even sense the beauty that lies within the worlds within our world.

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